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Decking in Commerce, MI

MGE Carpentry proudly serves the Commerce, MI area for all of it’s decking needs.

Because of the area’s small inland lakes and peaceful seclusion, Commerce Township was formerly a weekend and summer resort for Detroiters. However, due to recent development, the cottages are now all permanent homes.

Commerce enjoys warm temperate summers and cold snowy winters, like most areas in Michigan. With an average of 178 sunny days per year, there are plenty of occasions to get outside and enjoy the Michigan sunshine from your custom-built deck.

Having a deck built with composite decking material in the fluctuating Michigan climate is a no-brainer. With average snowfalls seven inches more than the U.S. average, a Trex composite deck makes deck snow and ice removal a breeze. The low maintenance of composite decking gives you more days to enjoy your deck in Commerce, MI.