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Decking in Orchard Lake, MI

MGE Carpentry proudly serves the Orchard Lake, MI area for all of its decking needs.

Orchard Lake, MIOrchard Lake, Michigan is a small, exclusive suburb about 25 miles northwest of Detroit. The city is mostly surrounded by West Bloomfield.  Terrain is rolling and high. Orchard Lake Village surrounds Orchard Lake, the third-largest lake in Oakland County. A number of smaller lakes, ponds and wetlands reside within the community as well. These water features and their associated woodlands and wildlife have long attracted settlers to the area– from the Native Americans, who hunted and fished among the lakes, to the residents of today, who enjoy beauty, recreational opportunities and comfortable living that the community provides.

Residents of Orchard Lake take pride in their homes, and the natural beauty that surrounds them.  The summers are warm and mild, while the winters are cold and snowy. Despite the cold and snow, there are still plenty of reasons to enjoy the outdoors from your home on a custom-built deck in Orchard Lake. Whether you are replacing an old deck, or starting a new project from scratch, let the team at MGE Carpentry get you started. Call today for a free estimate and be on your way to enjoying the average 175 sunny days per year in Orchard Lake, MI from your own backyard!