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Trex Decking

Trex Transcend

Trex Transcend Decking is unparalleled in its rich beauty and lasting color. Plus, if your looking for the perfect companion to your Trex Transcend Deck why not check out Trex Transcend Railing.

Trex Transcend Deck

Trex Transcend Decking

Why You’ll Love It

Fade and stain warrantyWe know you’ll love Trex Transcend Decking when you see how it out-decks the competition through superior performance and easy maintenance including: fade, stain, mold, and scratch resistance. It’s as simple as cleaning up with soap and water. In addition, Trex Transcend Decking comes with a 25-Year Limited Warranty, which means you can worry less and have more fun.

Decking Color Choices

We offer the following color choices for Trex Transcend Decking installations:

  • Vintage Lantern
    a deep-burnished bronze inspires Old World elegance
  • Fire Pit
    a warm earth tone; beautiful with almost any house color
  • Gravel Path
    the pristine grey of a gentrified carriage path; perfect for a Cape Cod feel
  • Tree House
    where spicy barbecue meets a fiery sunset; nice with rustic architecture

Looking for great railing choices? Check out our selections of premium Trex Transcend Railing in the same rich styles and colors.